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Whether you are looking for a long-term vacation rental, short-term corporate housinginsurance relocation, remodeling, or just sold your property and requires temporary housing, you have come to the right place.

We offer Temporary Housing Services in Los Angeles and Orange County, California.


Due to the current global pandemic we have change our ways of cleaning our property and focus more on disinfecting and minimize skin contact from our cleaning professionals by having them wear gloves and other protective materials while they do their cleaning.

Below you will find our amazing reviews from clients who actually stayed in our property.

Ken - We Enjoyed Your Property Very Much *****

September to December 2020

We enjoyed your property very much. Good job with the renovations. I was so busy working on our home and wish I had more time to also enjoy walking through the beautiful neighborhood.

LaVeta - A Great Property *****

July 2020

Ernie - Spacious House on the Hill *****

I stayed in this house with two other co-workers for a grand total of roughly 7 months. Proximity to our jobsite was ideal and only a 7 minute drive at 5am and then a 15 minute drive at 6pm. Location was the reason why we chose this place back in July 2019, the place itself was an added bonus. The owner has essentials ready for us (i.e. coffee, toothpaste, water, fruit, flowers ...) Since we stayed there for so long, my co-workers and I bought things that would ultimately stay there such as a fan, a couple water hoses as the ones there broke. We watered the plants at the back , unlocked gate for landscaping, took out trash ... much like we were permanent residents. Basically a very well maintained house with washer & dryer in the garage. I'd say the only downside to this place is there is no parking on the street. When we had three of us staying there, it was kind of a pain to coordinate who will park in the garage... but we worked it out and this is isn't really the owners fault, neighborhood rules. Also I'd like to add that since we stayed there for so long, the owner was willing to work out a deal with us, a discount if you will. That said, I would definitely stay here again and I know my co-workers would as well. 03-27-20 at 4:25 PM

January to March 2020

Ernie - Love this house *****

Owner is kind and thorough, we stayed here for five months for work and will be back. The view is amazing and there is plenty of room for all. The kitchen is great and fully equipped for fancy cooking. Quiet neighborhood and easy access.

12-24-19 at 2:18 aM

July to December 2019

Albert - A magnificent host *****

A magnificent host that was quick to respond, and accommodating to requests. His residence is beautiful and has spectacular view, and perhaps the listing is even understated, so the actual stay is even better than the already wonderful listing! Thank you, Joseph!

July 2019

Ted - Place was better than expected *****

This place was much better than expected. It was very clean, good location, very spacious, nice garage, awesome backyard, great showers, and in a quiet neighborhood. It was a perfect place to stay for a week! Joseph, the host was great and very responsive! I rate it A+++!

June 2019

John - House in a very nice neighborhood *****

Joseph was very responsive when we had an issue. He communicated quickly and fixed problems right away. The house is in a very nice neighborhood. We appreciated the three smart TVs that let us access Disney, HBO, HULU and Netflix from the living room, the master bedroom and another bedroom.

May 2019

Villa at Rancho Via Verde

Founders Park Villa

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